KSTRD NIC SALT E Liquid - ANY 4 DEAL - 50/50 10mg 20mg

e.g. 3 x PRPL 10mg / 1 x VNLLA 20mg

10ml 50VG - 10mg / 20mg nicotine - FREE same day shipping with bbbliquids

(This e liquid will work inside any e-cigarette device)

What is Nicotine Salt?

At its core, nicotine salts are comprised of the same exact nicotine that's found in its natural state within the tobacco leaf. 

Meaning that Nic Salt e liquids put other standard nicotine based e liquids to shame.

You will receive a more satisfying nicotine hit!

Nicotine salt e liquids are extremely smooth to vape



Are you prepared the creamiest custard of 2020? Devilishly moreish and seductively succulent,

this vanilla custard will definitely drag you back for more.


The richest and ripest Banana custard on the market.

This luxurious and succulent mix will drag you back time and time again!


The flakiest pastry this side of 2020, the sweetest slow baked apples,

a dusting of comforting cinnamon spice, lovingly lavished in our famous vanilla KSTRD.


Dark fruits and Custard... A match made in heaven,

Grab a bottle today and taste the Purple, now in nic salt form!


Featuring the hottest collab in British vaping history, KSTRD has met Just Jam with force!

Bringing you the most succulent and soothing custard flavour, blended with the most authentic strawberry Jam,

this award winning liquid is now available in nic salt form!

Brand:  KSTRD
VG/PG Mix:  50/50
VG Percentage:  50%
PG Percentage:  50%
Volume:  10ml
Country of Origin: UK