1. King of Vapes 60ml (180ml) - Any 3 - E Liquid 0mg 3mg 70VG bbliquids

Example order: 2 x Twister Lolly / 1 x Vimto Ice

King of vapes 60ml 0mg - 70VG -  FREE same day shipping with bbliquids

When purchased you will receive - 3 x 50ml Bottles 

3 x nicotine shots will be provided when 3mg is selected 
6 x nicotine shots will be provided when 6mg is selected 

About The King of vapes

This item is made in the UK, This series includes a huge amount of flavour that can not be replicated by any other liquid at this price range. Rest assured that you will be in awe by that taste provided by this range. Designed for great clouds and amazing flavour. They are the perfect e-juice to go with any sub-ohm setup.


Apple Slush Ice

Tantalising green apple in the form of an ice slushy

Banana Milkshake

 Classic banana flavoured milk drink, cold creamy and refreshing

Blackcurrant Drink

The drink that we all love starting with "R"

Blackcurrant Ice

Sweet and tangy blackcurrants mixed with a tiny amount of menthol

Blackcurrant Jam

Super sweet and sugary blackcurrant jam

Blackcurrant & Lemonade

Sweet and tangy blackcurrants mixed with a few fizzy bubbles

Blue Cloud

Heisenberg – berries and menthol with low aniseed

Blueberry Jam

Super sweet and full of flavour, blueberry jam at its best

Blueberry menthol

Bold and sweet blueberries mixed with a kick of menthol

Blue Slush

Fan favourite, blueberries with some refreshing ice slush

Bubble Gum

Classic 80’s round bubble gum sweets, what’s not to love!

Cherry Cola

The word renowned cherry cola drink that you enjoy on a summers day

Cherry Menthol

Signature cherries with menthol

Cornflake Tart

Perfectly backed cornflake tart drizzled with strawberry jam

Delitedew (Made in Malaysia)

Refreshing honey dew melon with the classic Malaysian cooling effect

Devils Custard

Biscotti ice cream with vanilla custard

 Forest fruits

Exactly what is says on the tin – all the best berry mixed together for a flavour explosion 

Grapala (Made in Malaysia)

Powerful grape taste with a hint of apple and cooling effect.

Grape vape

Intense grape flavours

Green Slush

A very fruity lime slush with no harsh vape

Guavarita (Made in Malaysia)

Guava mixed with a fruit energy drink and cooling effect.

Honeydew Melon

Sweet and distinctive, it really does taste like the real thing!

Honey Snaps

Rice crispy squares with melted marsh mellow in the middle

Icy Mango

Mango with refreshing menthol, sweet and cool


Black soft chewy aniseed sweets

Jam on Toast

Strawberry jam on toast, you can even taste the butter!

Jam Rolly Polly

Cake and strawberry jam rolled together for the ultimate desert experience 



The little oval sugar sweets that you can’t stop eating once the bag is open

Kick ass

Fresh tangy raspberries and ripe sweet red cherries (amazing)

Lemon & Lime

Citrus with a kick


Menthol at its best - breezy and amazing

Neon Lime Green Slush

Lime and lots of it mixed with ice slush, don’t worry it’s not harsh, it’s just right

Red devil

Mixture of red berries, grape and an intense kick for aniseed

Red Slush

Cherries and raspberries create a very fruity slush

Refreshing Blackcurrant 

Simple yet perfect, a true recreation of flavoursome blackcurrants

RUBY - Guava fizzy drink

Type - Ruby Guava if selected

RUBY -  Passion fruit fizzy drink

Type - Ruby Passion if selected

RUBY - Watermelon fizzy drink

Type - Ruby Watermelon if selected

Smokecurrant (Made in Malaysia) 

Ultra sweet blackcurrants with a cooling effect


Sparkling Ice Grape

Grapes with a very small hint of menthol, refreshing and sweet

Sparkling Ice Orange

Orange with a very small hint of menthol, refreshing yet sweet

Strawberry & Kiwi Bubble Gum

Sweet strawberry and tangy kiwi mixed together with a hint of sweet bubble gum

Strawberry Milkshake

Fresh milk and sweet sugary strawberries 

Twister Lolly

Just like the Lolly we all love , tangy and sweet

Tutti Frutti

Open you bag of sweet for a fruit filled adventure, sort on the inside hard on the outside

Vimto Ice

The childhood favorite drink with a slight hint of menthol

Hizenbomb Range

Atomic Apple -   Heisenberg & apple
Blueberry Blast -   Heisenberg & blueberries
Cherry Bomb -   Heisenberg & Cherries 
Less Menthol -   Heisenberg with less menthol
Lethal Lime -   Heisenberg & Lime

Coffee Range

Caramel Coffee -   Rich coffee beans with caramel
Espresso & Cream Coffee -   Powerful coffee with a milky aftertaste 
French Vanilla Coffee -   Sweet coffee mixed with super sweet vanilla
White Chocolate Coffee -   Mix of hot chocolate with a hint of coffee

Kani King Range

Rainbow Worms -  Fruity gummy sweets dipped in sugar 

Raspberry Sherbet -  Blended raspberries mixed with sour sugar

Brand:  King Of Vapes
VG/PG Mix:  70/30
VG Percentage:  70%
PG Percentage:  30%
Volume: 50ml x 3
Country of Origin: United Kindom