120ml Ultimate Juice - Get Lollied - Cider Lolly - 70VG


120ml Bottle (100ml eliquid inside) FREE same day shipping with bbbliquids

(This e liquid will work inside Sub Ohm devices)

Cider Lolly by Get Lollied

Stop scrolling now. You might think that you're looking at just another apple e-liquid, but you're wrong. Cider by Get Lollied begins with a base flavour that tastes like drinking a cider freshly pressed from autumn's finest apples -- but there's a twist. Imagine taking that same cider and turning it into a frozen sorbet. That's the flavour of this magnificent e-liquid.

Brand:  Ultimate Juice
VG/PG Mix:  70/30
VG Percentage:  70%
PG Percentage:  30%
Volume:  100ml
Country of Origin: UK