120ml Ultimate Juice - Get Lollied - Bubblegum Lolly - 70VG


120ml Bottle (100ml eliquid inside) FREE same day shipping with bbbliquids

(This e liquid will work inside Sub Ohm devices)

Bubblegum by Get Lollied

Replicating the flavour of a lollipop with bubblegum in the middle would be an impressive feat on its own, but Bubblegum by Get Lollied adds a surprising twist that's a rarity in e-liquids with lollipop flavours: menthol. When you taste this e-liquid and feel the coolness in your mouth and throat, you'll know that you're tasting a candy e-liquid unlike any other.

Brand:  Ultimate Juice
VG/PG Mix:  70/30
VG Percentage:  70%
PG Percentage:  30%
Volume:  100ml
Country of Origin: UK