.Any 3 DEAL 360ML - Ultimate Puff - Full Range - 70VG

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e.g. Sherbet Raspberry x 1 / Chilled Mango x 2


120ml bottle with 100ml of e liquid - Available in 0mg / 1.5mg / 3 mg / 6mg - This e liquid is only suitable for sub ohm devices.

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If 1.5mg is selected you will also receive 1 x nicotine shot bottle. (Per Bottle)

If 3mg is selected you will also receive 2 x nicotine shot bottles. (Per Bottle)

If 6mg is selected you will also receive 4 x nicotine shot bottles. (Per Bottle)


Please note that if 6mg is selected, 4 nicotine shots do not fit inside the larger 120ml Ultimate juice bottle.

Please add 2 nicotine shots and add the remaining nicotine shot bottles after vaping a partial amount of ultimate juice.



Sherbet – Apple Mango

The juiciest Apple and Mangoes combined in this fresh and fruity sherbet!


Sherbet - Cherry

Taste-bud tantalising flavor featuring fizzy cherry sherbet! An awesome, juicy vape with an exhale that lingers on the tongue!


Sherbet - Lemon

A fine-tuned taste with just the right amount of tangy sherbet without being overly tart that the light lemon flavor is hidden behind the sweetness.


Sherbet - Rainbow

Rainbow e liquid let's you experience the whole spectrum of flavors with this heavenly rainbow sherbet! Indulge in this heavenly concoction featuring an array of sweet candies.


Shakes - Banana

Tropical flavor with a ripe banana taste and a velvety finish that'll make you go Bananas.


Shakes - Blueberry

The juiciest of blueberries leaving a sweet, tangy taste for a mouth-watering vape experience.


Shakes - Chocolate

Perfect calorie-free treat for all you chocoholics! Luxury sweet chocolate with full fat milk, mmmmm


Shames -  Shamrock

Mint shamrock shake that'll transport you to the emerald isle and leave your taste-buds feeling brand new. Sweet mint with a creamy after tone.


Shakes - Strawberry

Sumptuous blend of freshly picked strawberries in a creamy shake will bring everyone to the yard!


Shakes - Vanilla

Deliciously smooth vanilla shake that'll leave you thirsty for more.


Custard – Apple Strudel

Caramelised apple strudel, perfectly blended with vanilla custard finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Custard – Boston Cream

Banging Boston cream perfectly blended with vanilla custard for a creamy sweet flavour


Custard – Maple Syrup

Sweet maple syrup infused with vanilla custard leaving a deliciously syrupy taste.


Custard – Purple

A crazy mix of grape, bubblegum and custard, creating an unbelievable all day vape.


Custard – Raspberry Jam

Lush Raspberry jam merged with a creamy custard. scrumptiously sweet & sugary goodness.


Custard – Whipped Vanilla

Classic vanilla custard whipped to perfection to form a fresh milky vape full of flavour.


Cookies - Black Forrest.

Delicious chocolate cookie filled with tasty mixed berries, a perfectly sweet full bodied flavour.


Cookies - Blueberry Parfait.

Heavenly blueberry cookie that crumbles in your mouth, leaves an exquisite after-taste of sweet lemon!


Cookies - Chocolate Orange.

Milk chocolate cookie covered in a divine orange syrup, a delicious sweet after-taste.


Cookies - Creamy Marshmallow.

Super creamy marshmallow cookie a delicious flavour that you’ll fall in love with!


Cookies - Red Velvet.

A classic red velvet cookie, a deliciously creamy flavour with hints of milk chocolate.


Chilled - Blue Raspberry

Perfect blue raspberries with an amazing balanced chill effect.


Chilled - Grape

Black grapes with a wicked icy aftertaste.


Chilled - Mango

Ripe sweet mango with a crushed ice effect.


Chilled - Pink Raspberry

Sweet candy raspberries with a shape but sweet ice effect.


Candy Drops – Grape Strawberry

Candy Drops Grape & Strawberry e liquid lets you enjoy the sweet taste of Summer with its delicious Grape and Strawberry, candy drop combo that'll sure make an impact on your e liquid repertoire.


Candy Drops – Lemon Sour Apple

Candy Drops Lemon & Sour Apple e liquid is a tang tastic flavor filled with candy drops of sweet Lemon and sour sizzling apples to get your taste buds dancing. Grab this unmissable 100ml nicotine free e liquid here at Flawless.


Candy Drops – Lemonade & Cherry

Candy Drops Lemonade & Cherry e liquid lets you enjoy the sweet taste of Summer with its delicious Lemonade & Cherry, candy drop combo that'll make your taste buds burst with excitement.


Candy Drops - Rainbow

Candy Drops Rainbow e liquid is a sweet mix of an array of candy drop flavors that, together, form an outstanding vaping e liquid. Nobody has found the end of the rainbow till now, with this unmissable flavor that will take your taste buds for a ride.


Candy Drops – Watermelon & Cherry

Candy Drops Watermelon & Cherry e liquid lets you enjoy the sweet taste of summer with its delicious Watermelon and Cherry, candy drop combo that'll make your taste buds burst with excitement.


Brand:  Ultimate Puff 
VG/PG Mix:  70/30
VG Percentage:  70%
PG Percentage:  30%
Volume:  100ml zero nicotine (120ml Bottle) x 3
Country of Origin: United Kingdom