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50ml 60ml 70ml Vampire Vape Shortz - Cool Green Slush - 0mg 3mg 6mg 70VG


Green Slush By Vampire Vape - 0mg, 3mg 70VG FREE SHIPPING at bbliquids 

This item is a 70ml bottle (50ml eliquid inside) with a premium 10ml nicotine shot (if selected) - creating a 3mg 60ml E Liquid, be aware that 2 nicotine shots do not fit inside, buyer will need to vape some  eliquid to fully fit the second shot inside.

Cool Green Slush by Vampire Vape 50ml

A distinctive, zesty lime flavour that’ll tingle your taste buds instantly. The fresh, cold taste will cool you down in any weather, leaving you with the perfect refreshing vapes for a hot sunny day!

About Vampire Vape

This item is made in the UK , this brand is known for creating amazing flavours and inventing the legendary Heisenberg flavour, creating a truly impressive explosion of flavour. They are the perfect e-juice to go with any sub-ohm setup.

Brand:  Vampire Vape
VG/PG Mix:  70/30
VG Percentage:  70%
PG Percentage:  30%
Volume:  50ml without nicotine shot 
Country of Origin: United Kingdom