100ml Vape It - Fruit Salad Chews - 0mg /1.5mg/3mg/6mg 80VG - bbliquids


Vape It - 100ml bottle - 80ml of e liquid inside to accommodate nicotine shots


Vape it uses the best UK made ingredients available, we have travelled far and wide to bring you the best flavours at the best prices!

All our flavours are professionally steeped for 3 weeks in a temperature controlled cool room for maximum taste. Vape It labs prides itself for high quality, unrivalled bottling, hygiene  and customer satisfaction.

Vape It has also won awards for best taste in multiple categories.

Please note that you will have to use some e liquid if 6mg is selected as 4 nicotine shots so not fit inside the bottle, we recommend adding 2 nic shots until there is enough room to fill the remaining two.

Fruit Salad Chews 

Just like the very popular chewy sweets, full of amazing fruity and sweet flavours.

Brand:  Vape It
VG/PG Mix:  80/20
VG Percentage:  80%
PG Percentage:  20%
Volume:  80ml zero nicotine
Country of Origin: UK